A complete technology platform powering modern applications for the patient healthcare journey.

Centrik is a complete technology platform, purpose-built to meet the needs of healthcare service providers. New to market in 2022, Centrik's new generation patient portal provides a frictionless digital experience for patients to engage with their primary care provider. The platform provides an efficient and streamlined process to handle appointments, pre-appointment triage, repeat prescriptions, patient access to health data and lab results, messaging, virtual consultations, and payments. Delivering a seamless end-to-end experience for consumers and providers addresses pain points in a stretched primary care setting, such as reducing patient phone calls.

Centrik’s standards-based technology provides a modern and frictionless solution that allows consumers to connect with their primary care provider to access their health information and health services. Traditionally, patient portals have enabled a one-to-one relationship between a patient and their general practice. Centrik changes the game by enabling patients to interact with multiple service providers across the health sector through a single application, and not dependant on those providers all using the same PMS. This means patients can now securely share their International Patient Summary (IPS) record with several healthcare providers – such as their pharmacy or home-based support team – and see when their record has been accessed, or turn off access at any time.

Centrik currently connects to primary care facilities via Medtech’s ALEX® platform using FHIR. Adhering to FHIR integrations and standards means Centrik provides an interoperable and integrated solution for health providers to share patient data quickly and securely, aligning to the objectives of Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand’s Hira programme. Centrik can easily integrate with any health service provider that adheres to FHIR standards, placing it at the forefront of health tech and ready to improve the way health information is accessed and shared, both nationally and internationally.

Centrik is currently available to consumers across Aotearoa New Zealand as the Well app, The Doctors app through a partnership with Green Cross Health, and the Better Health Outcomes app through a partnership with Better Health Group.