CDHB trials the digital toolkit driving quality & efficiency in medical facilities

Did you know nurses spend around a third of their time on direct patient care, another third on ‘indirect care’ and the rest is largely communications and administrative tasks? Research has shown that better use of technology in a nurse's role can enable more time spent on direct patient care. One particular study showed that implementing a digital tool to handle documentation enabled nurses to spend 40.01% of their time on direct care, up nearly 10% from 31.3%. (1)


The Webtools Health team are focused on delivering technology solutions to the health sector that will have real impact. Nadia is an application that is demonstrating the potential to do just that on a large scale. Along with our partners, Incisive Medical Systems, we have developed Nadia with the sole aim of digitising and automating as many operational and administrative tasks for clinicians as possible. Christchurch District Health Board (CDHB) have picked up Nadia under their Via Innovations Program and it is in trial across all 14 wards at Burwood Hospital. CDHB are utilising Nadia to overhaul & optimise their auditing processes which consists of hundreds of audits every month and are crucial to ensuring quality of care and patient safety.


After our first few months of trial, we have seen the amounts of tasks completed double, and in some cases seen as much as a 150% uplift. A by-product of this implementation has been that a spotlight has been put on quality and patient safety. This is helping drive a wider culture shift to safer and better care for patients. The average time for task completion is now under 10 minutes, with previous estimates being 30-40 minutes per audit. Managers and those responsible for ‘clinical governance’ are now able to see results in real-time and able to act quickly on any issues or put in place corrective action plans.


Nadia was initially tested as an idea under the national “Releasing Time to Care” initiative and is is an easy and tangible way to improve the efficiency of tasks on the wards and enable nurses to spend as much time as possible on direct patient care. Auditing is just one of the ways that Nadia can be utilised and in an extremely large and complex operation that is a DHB. We are excited to take our learnings from CDHB and deliver value to other organisations while we continue to work alongside our extremely innovative DHB here in Canterbury.


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Article by Harry Hawke - CEO, Webtools Health

Published on:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019