Pre-Built Software

Webtools has developed several cloud-based off-the-shelf solutions for a broad range of industries and applications. These solutions can be customised to meet specific business rules and requirements in a matter of days, or can be installed free of charge for proof-of-concept phase.

Software can be purchase outright or via a monthly license fee. Get in touch with our business development team for more information and a free trial.

  • Swift

    Swift is a powerful SMS campaign management tool which sends 1-way, 2-way Yes/No and 2-way conversational messages, it also allows you to send URL links to custom web-forms to capture customer data. As well as capturing data, you can capture customer signatures, GPS coordinates, photos and voice-recordings. Check out more information at

  • Spark

    Spark is a powerful electricity and gas quoting system especially designed for the Australian energy retail market. Used by Simply Energy and Sumo Energy, Spark is centralised database that stores and managed energy pricing, and allows third-parties to send custom quotes to customers. Check out some more information here

  • Delta

    Delta is a powerful change management tool which allows your IT team to manage projects, changes and bugs. Used internally by the Webtools team, Delta combines powerful workflow management functionality with interactive reporting dashboard to provide you with end-to-end visibility of your projects.

  • Rezolution

    Rezolution is an out-of-the-box complaints management system which allows you to track customer feedback and assign to agents. The cloud-based system also provides comprehensive reporting around agent efficiency, complaint resolution time and trend analysis.